I’m Jelle Smeets, a tech and agile enthousiast. Since I was a little kid I worked with computers. First as a hobby, mostly because of gaming. But when I grew older I came into contact with web development. After my first site on Microsoft Frontpage, I became hooked. I loved it so much that I got a bachelor’s degree in software engineering. After graduating in 2016 I started as a PHP developer.

jelle smeets

While working as a developer,  I got the opportunity to also start as a Scrum master. Over the years I slowly transitioned into being a full-time Scrum master. Over time my focus has switched from building the most awesome web applications to building the most awesome teams!

This blog will mostly be about my experiences as a developer and Scrum master. I hope to give an insight into the development world and the lessons I learned. If you are a starting developer, developing at home for fun, or a junior developer I hope these posts will help you in getting a clearer picture of the industry and leveling up yourself.

My current project on the blog is the engineering leadership series. A series dedicated to helping you level up as a leader in engineering.

I am currently not available for full-time work (sorry recruiters). I am however available for mentoring, content creation, speaking on a podcast, giving conference talks, and collaborations. If you want to contact me regarding any of these options, check out the contacting Jelle Smeets page.