A little bit later than usual, but here it is! My hand-picked monthly digest for May. Four articles I read in May that I found to be funny, packed with information, or just inspirational. Let’s go!

Mental Health

Mental health in the tech world is something that is getting more attention lately. A great article that takes a look at a personal story on burnout. Amelia takes you along in her own burnout as well as tips to recognize a burnout earlier. A great bonus of the article is how you can help a friend in need.

Say I enjoyed coding and learning new things. POOF! 💥 Gone. When burnout knocked on my door, all of that went to sh!t. I no longer cared about anything.

Amelia Vieira Rosado – You’re on FIRE! 🔥…in the WRONG way

Build your own X

There are people that learn by watching and there are people that learn by doing. If you learn by doing, you will like this list by Dani Stefanovic. Build your own X has an extensive list of all kinds of tutorials on building your own version of something. From BitTorrent client to Docker to your own OS. it is all in there.

If you learn by doing this is a great resource!

Targetted ads

An older article from 2014 that caught my attention is from Brian Swichkow. He explains how he uses targeted ads to prank his roommate. While the read is funny, there is also a deeper message to think about. While this article is innocent at heart, it opens the window to mess with someone’s life.


With review season coming up in most places, a well googled subject is how to get the promotion you want. In this article, Samantha Davies Gives you 8 reasons you control why you are not getting that promotion! A great read with helpful insights from the manager’s perspective.

Behave like a leader and be consistent with it: provide vision, listen to concerns and resolve doubts. Be present.

Samantha Davies – 8 reasons (within your control) you’re not being promoted into leadership