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Hi, I’m Jelle! An Engineering Manager with over 10 years of experience in tech. And in some form or shape, I’ve been writing for this blog over 5 of those.

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I like to write about a wide variety of topics, but all topics that you can relate back to engineering leadership. My focus is on documenting my learnings as a somewhat new Engineering Manager. And kickstarting the management careers of others.

Each edition will have the following format:

  • A short personal update
  • A curated list of useful resources to help you grow
  • Inspirational quotes that will change your perspective
  • My long-form writing on becoming a better engineering leader

All the fuel you need to become a better leader!

As an extra bonus for my subscribers, I’m launching a digital product. A 1 on 1 starter kit. You can use the starter kit to make sure you start your 1 on 1 meetings on the right foot! And the best part? I’m making it free for all my subscribers.

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