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Welcome to 2024! I dislike New Year’s resolutions. I do like setting goals. Goals give me clarity on where I need to spend my efforts. In 2024 I want to keep developing myself. Health, family, and pushing my comfort zone are the most important areas.

I did not reach 100% of my 2023 goals. But I came a long way. Here are my goals for 2024:


To live forever and the life I want, I need to be healthy. Last year I set the goal to work out at least once per week. Somewhere in the middle of the year, I started running more consistently. I build up to a 5k. To push myself even further, I signed up for a 10K race in January (Finished 57:13) . And decided I wanted to go further than I ever ran. I signed up for a 10 miler (16,1KM) in February.

The first race of the year is done!

My health goals are:

  • Enter at least 3 races (10K, 10M, 10K)
  • Keep the momentum going, and run at least 1500KM (ran 833 in 2023)
  • Stretch: If the 10 miler goes well, sign up for a half marathon.


I enjoy writing. It helps me think clearly. I unfortunately don’t make enough time for writing. Writing regularly has been my goal for years. To have great output, I need to have great input as well. I want to keep reading at least 2 books per month.

My writing goals are:

  • Write at least twice per week
  • Send 12 newsletters
  • Read at least 24 books (I read 35 in 2023)
  • Share more of my work on Linkedin (where it performs well)


In a personal development sprint, I set myself the goal to become better at confronting. I practiced a ton and failed big time. And as a result, I learned a ton. But there is always room for more improvement.

Some bigger projects are starting in 2024. And I want to play a key role in those projects.

My work goals (that I can share) are:

  • Keep practicing confronting
  • Play a key role in bigger projects


Even though my experiments on deep work yielded results, I’m spending less time on my phone. I still feel there is an opportunity to be more present with my wife and kids.

I have a digital piano in my living room. My wife can play some beautiful songs. I can’t. When I think about playing the piano, I remember failing my music class at age 14. I couldn’t remember the song I had to play. I’m happy with the few notes I know from the flea waltz.

A goal that’s harder to quantify is doing more scary stuff. Life happens at the end of your comfort zone, and I need that reminder to keep expanding my comfort zone.

My personal goals are:

  • Spend more distraction-free time with my family
  • Learn to play a few songs on the Piano
  • Do more scary stuff


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