In previous posts, I shared my opinion on new years resolutions. Any day of the year should be fine to start working on your goals and habits. The day you start does not have to be January first (or even a Monday).

Every now and then you read a post that sparks something in you. For me, that was Matthew Dicks his post on his 2022 goals. I’m still not convinced about new years resolutions (this post is written several days into January). Matthew made me excited to set some goals for 2023 and track them! I’m not expecting to hit 100% on all of them, but you can consider this post as a form of accountability. Feel free to check in on me how my goals are going at any given time.

Even though I hated setting SMART goals in school, I am convinced my goals need to be somewhat specific to make them achievable. I tried to get a healthy mix of goals focussed on results, and goals on building habits and systems. Let’s dive in!

Fitness & Health

1) Don’t die

Does this one need any explanations? I’d like to be around for a very long time for my wife and kids. I could not have said it better than this quote from Matthew:

I plan on living forever or die trying

Matthew Dicks

2) Exercise at least once per week

From the moment I started working from home, I have had trouble exercising regularly. In May of 2022, I’ve become a twin dad. This motivated me to become & stay healthy. While on the other hand, my spare time has been replaced by diapers and catching up on anything else around the house.

By exercising at least once per week I’m going to build a habit of regularly exercising. To make this goal reachable I have not set any unattainable goal of exercising 3 times per week, as that will only demotivate me in the long run.


3) Publish one blog post per week

A regular writing habit is something I would love to have. I enjoy writing and don’t do it enough. Currently, my writing mode is in bursts. Alternating writing 3+ blog posts in a week, to not touching my keyboard in months. By committing myself to publish one post per week, I must have a regular writing habit. By the end of the year, the total count of blogs should be up by at least 52!

4) Send out one newsletter per month

My newsletter is not getting the attention it deserves. As simple as said, at least one newsletter per month, for a total of at least 12 in 2023.

The goal is to have a regular writing habit

5) Read 24 books

Better readers become better writers. I aim to read at least 2 books per month. Tracked in one of my favorite apps. Check on my progress on Goodreads.

Personal Development

6) Earn $1 online

I want to explore building several income streams. They say if you earn one dollar online, it will change your life. I’m going to try different things to see what sticks, but the goal is there, earn at least 1 dollar online.

Before you go

I shared my 6 goals for 2023. I plan to track everything in a spreadsheet, so I can create a post at the end of the year with all the metrics and data you could wish for. What do you think about my goals? Do have some goals you feel I should add? Let me know!

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