At the beginning of 2023, I set goals to become more consistent with my writing. For a while, this went great. At least one blog post per week, and one newsletter per month. But I haven’t written a single letter for the blog since March.

Unfortunately, life happened. Sick kids, being sick myself, and tons of other things made me break the most important rule of consistency. Never miss 2 in a row. And I discovered that as time grew, the obstacle to picking it back up became bigger and bigger.

The time off was a blessing in disguise. It gave me room and time to reflect on where I want to go with this blog and newsletter.

The future

I made a decision. From now on I want to focus my attention on helping people in a similar position as me. I’m an engineering manager who feels he has a lot to learn. And why not take you along on that journey?

I will write about everything I learn while on my journey to become a better engineering manager.

The format will stay more or less the same. Long-form articles on my blog. A summary of my blogs and interesting things I see around me through my newsletter.

The major change is to write where my curiosity is. I’ve sucked at SEO for a while now. I rather spend my energy on other things than optimize without results. This also means that for the foreseeable future, I will not stick to my previous schedule.

What would you like to learn to become a better engineering manager?