Here you can find a list of my favorite hardware, software, and other things in my job as an engineering manager and blogger.


  • I use my Macbook pro M1 2020 as my daily driver.
  • A 34″ Iiyama monitor is kindly provided to me by work.
  • I use an iPhone 12 mini as my phone. I downgraded the screen size, to make it less enjoyable to use my phone that much. So far I’m not regretting it.
  • All the life-changing content creation I do is on a Keychron K2 mechanical keyboard. With brown switches.
  • All my clicking gets done with a Logitech MX master 3.
  • In all my zoom calls I use a Fun Generation Microphone. Funny story, my wife actually won this microphone on a bingo game with her choir!
  • I cancel out crying twins at naptime with the noise canceling of my Sony Linkbuds S earbuds.
  • To complete my hardware setup, I use the Ikea Rodulf standing desk.


  • My second brain is Notion, where I store my personal to-do lists, keep notes and track my ideas.
  • Grammarly is used to have an additional layer of checks on my writing.
  • I use Pocket to save anything I want to read at a later date.
  • Zapier helps me to connect Pocket to Notion. It sends the article to Notion whenever I favorite it.
  • One app I can’t live without is Rectangle. I can’t believe this does not exist on Mac by default.
  • I use several tools to help me with my digital minimalism and reduce my time spent on social media. I use Unhook to strip Youtube of all its recommendation/suggestion features. Momentum to give me a calm homepage on Firefox that does not trigger me to go to social media. And a nice mantra/quote every day. Leechblock is finally used to block/limit any sites that I waste time on too much.
  • Last but not least I use iOs screentime to get the same results on my iPhone.


  • Reading ebooks is done on a 10-year-old Kobo Glo which is still not broken enough to replace.

This post was inspired by An extensive list of 650+ /uses pages around the world!